Diet Expedition – The Beginning

Ciao, beloved readers,

(whom would actually read this article I would not even know, but still, I love you!),

while walking down the street I had an idea. Most of the diet pursuers choose their diet of liking and promote it via many awesome ways and highly read blog posts, but rarely give any honest opinion on how the diets compare to each other. Thing is – most of the diets will show a great improvement compared to eat-all-you-can-eat-shit-food-diet, in both weight and productivity, as well as sleep patterns. So why not try a lot of them?

Some background on my physique. I was always involved in some type of sport – basketball, kung fu, running, gym, lately Insanity (oh bloody hell..) and home-based-morning-exercises. I was grown eating home-cooked meals, most of which would include multiple origins of products, often such that should not be consumed together. On rare occasions I would eat fast foods (kebabs are really famous where I live), mostly after some drinking sports and exercises.

I am towering at 1.93 m (6.33 feet) and I topped my weight when I was in twelfth grade, being a bloke of 100 kg (roughly 220 pounds), which was considered overweight. I often reflect on the time, thinking “How the hell could I eat as much..”.

This changed when I joined the university. During one of the parties I got a remark (by a girl of course) on my beautiful and sexy body, so in just a few months I dropped the excess weight via cardio exercises in the gym (running and stuff). I downed to 90 kg (200ish pounds) and felt quite well.

It was just after a few more years when I started a full time job and began taking care of what I eat, tried a more regular eating schedule and simply stopped eating utter crap when I reached, at the time, my then normal weight of 82-83 kg (181-183 pounds). I was still not picky on the products I ate, however always maintained a level of physical activity (I usually prefer walking and using public transportation, that helps).

The tipping point was a few months ago. Since I started working on my own, I felt a lack of productivity and focus. When I was forced into the 9 to 5 routine, I would (for the most part) be forced to be productive as well. But when there was no one to carrot-and-stick me and I was (obviously) the only one to blame for not doing the job, I said “Shit, I have to do something.”

I won’t talk much about the basis of forming and maintaining good habits (at least, for now), but at the time I read a lot about ways of increasing productivity and lengthening the productive hours, as well as how to sleep less, but still gain more energy. I came to the realisation, that first stepping stones in being productive are simply physical:

1. your diet;

2. your sleep;

3. your mental state.

I might someday talk about the second and third points, but as the title of the post suggests, my main goal at this particular time is to find the best dietfor my needs as a freelancer, programmer, startup owner, a generally sexy person and such. I want to do more, I want to have more time, more energy, not only for work, but for my friends and family. So I began the journey, the Odyssey of Diets.

Its been a whole month since I changed my eating habits and only for the basis of food choice (bare with me), am trying out the vegan side of me.

If you’re intrigued by the story which will develop right in front of you, do follow me and my future posts.

Best wishes,

your still vegan-on-paper friend, Vilius.