Kaip pačiam susikurti interneto svetainę?

Sveiki, Kas žino kas nežino, aš jau šeštus metus freelancinu su plačiu spektru veiklų, nuo video kūrimo, reklamos ir, kur labiausiai gilinausi, smulkiojo verslo ir šiaip verslių asmenų konsultacijų interneto svetainių kūrimo (programavimo), valdymo ir lankomumo auginimo [...]Read more

Drizalle of House T’sistyn

This is a background for a character in my D&D game, playing Out of the Abyss. House T’sistyn were great traders of exotic materials, mostly harvested from otherworldly beings or monstrosities. They were especially known for their poisons – Rylryn T’sistyn [...]Read more

Sometimes I was a great warrior…

Sometimes I was a great warrior. I would walk into the battlefield and with a flurry of axe swings kill my mortal enemies. Or I would venture into dungeons to fight great evil hidden within – and enjoy the spoils after such endeavours. I was not a noob like the others [...]Read more

The Alchemist’s Ruse

The adventurers come to know of a newly opened tavern, one owned by a half-orc named Dronk. Since its opening a month ago, people started disappearing in the neighbourhood and some say it’s the half-orcs fault. It’s up to the adventurers to discover the truth… The [...]Read more

Druid: Circle of Nourishment

The Druid circles currently released focus either on spellcasting (land), o shapeshifting (moon). The Circle of Nourishment is my experimental idea on how to make a healing archetype for a druid, not only with extra healing power (in the heal over time effect) but with a heavy [...]Read more

Apie meno ir kūrybos vertę gyvenimams

Ėmiau reguliariai rašyti sau – pavadinkim journal’inimu – kasdien kokias nors man kylančias mintis / idėjas / klausimus bandau užsirašyti taip, kad ir pats po to, perskaitęs po dienos kitos, galėčiau geriau suprasti, kas kamuoja ar apie ką dar reiktų rimčiau [...]Read more

The Gith

It seemed the adventurers were strong – two powerful frontliners, the silver scaled paladin Shamack and the lumbering minotaur barbarian Karr, eagle-eyed Odrich, who peppered enemies with arrows or crossbows, the newly joined healer Melisa & the ever dodgy [...]Read more

The cell

It’s damn cold. Been here for.. I’m not even sure how long. Tried scratching the walls with something to mark the passing of days, but what’s the point. Eventually, it will work out. I smirk, a tiny bit, on the corner of my lips. The guard, who has been watching me this last [...]Read more


Mano veikėjo istorija Petro žaidimui. /// Rytas. 6:00. Ta kasdienė rutina jam pabodo, įkyrėjo iki gyvo kaulo (na, bent čia bėdos nėra, profesiniai ypatumai). “Po velniais..! – kaskart rikteli nuskambėjus žadintuvui. – Kodėl sumeistravau šį pragaro įnagį..” Persiverčia [...]Read more

Apie dideles idėjas ir startuolius

“Doing something different is what’s truly good for society.. The best projects are likely to be overlooked, not trumpeted by a crowd; the best problems to work on are often the ones nobody else even tries to solve.” ~ Peter Thiel Aš esu daugybę principų per ilgą [...]Read more

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